How does talking help?

In my opinion talking both changes nothing and everything.

It is sometimes said by counselling sceptics that no amount of talking can change what has happened in the past and that is true. What talking can do is provide opportunities to be witnessed, to unburden, to explore, to process and ultimately make better sense of our unique mindspace. 

Why do I need a counsellor? 

Whilst for some talking to friends and family is an option, the confidential therapeutic relationship that develops between a client and counsellor is a connection that can be both nurturing and powerful, supportive and challenging and used as the vector for change and growth. It is a unique type of relationship, different to those outside the therapy room and as such can facilitate insight and awareness that is hard to find elsewhere. 

Which mode of counselling is best?

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Gestalt, Integrative, Person Centered, Transactional Analysis…

Each have their own theories and methods and much research has been done to establish which mode of counselling or psychotherapy is most effective. To date there is no consensus. What is agreed, however, is that the single biggest factor in delivering effective therapy is the quality of the client/counsellor relationship. In my opinion the modality is less important than the 'fit' between an individual client and an individual counsellor.  

How many sessions will I need?

This depends on factors including the reason for therapy, individual goals or expectations and the level of engagement. It is, however entirely within the control of the client who is free to leave counselling at any time. Some clients like to negotiate a fixed number of sessions as time or budget dictates. Others are more comfortable with an open-ended, longer-term arrangement which gives them time to explore their issues at their own pace. It is useful to discuss these expectations at the beginning of the process.

How long are the sessions? How much does it cost?

Sessions last 50 mins and are charged at £50 per session. 


Please be aware that The Mind Space Place is a private, fee paying  counselling service.
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